PinholeDesigner 2.0

PinholeDesigner gets the best pictures from a pinhole camera
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The PinholeDesigner 2.0 software provides the user with the tools necessary in order to be able to get the best pictures from a pinhole camera. The program has a very user friendly interface that is setup in a clear way. There are different windows for different calculations, so there is very little chance of the user not knowing what to do.

There are many useful features and calculations that are provided by the PinholeDesigner software. The main advantage to using this program is that it will make doing all the relevant calculations easy. There is even an integrated conversion feature which allows the user to convert millimeters to inches and vice versa.

The program is capable of doing many different calculations. You can, for example, calculate the optimal diameter of the pinhole, optimal focal length, the f number for specified combos of pinhole and focal length, extended exposure times, angle of view, zone plate, magnification and the subject’s size on materials sensitive to light.

The software supports calculations for the films that are commonly used in pinhead cameras. The zone plate can also be saved in PDF format once it is calculated. The exposure table can also be saved as either a text or Excel file.

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  • Does all kinds of calculations


  • Interface not visually appealing
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